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Are dark, dingy teeth holding you back or making you feel self-conscious? You do not have to settle for a smile that makes you feel less than your best. Our Los Angeles porcelain veneers dentist uses porcelain veneers to transform smiles that have cosmetic flaws ranging from stains and discolorations to gaps and crooked teeth. If you want a new look, porcelain veneers may be right for you.


Veneers are a porcelain restoration that is made to cover the outer part of the tooth. The porcelain can be made a lighter color and the desired shape, size, and thickness to achieve the look you want. Our expert in porcelain veneers in Los Angeles can use veneers to cover chips, gaps, discolorations, crooked teeth, stains, worn enamel, uneven teeth, and many other cosmetic flaws.

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At your appointment, we will examine your teeth and gums. You should have no untreated dental disease, which could interfere with your results.

Any decay or gum disease will need to be addressed before proceeding with any cosmetic treatments. We will ask about your expectations, your concerns and your goals. This helps us learn more about what you want from your smile and what you want to accomplish.

Dental X-rays, impressions, and other records may be taken to develop a treatment plan. Although dental veneers are made extremely thin, they do take up some room on your teeth. Most patients will need to have a small amount of enamel removed. This can be done under local anesthesia if needed, and temporary veneers can be placed. Our Los Angeles porcelain veneers dentist will place your veneers using strong dental cement.

Veneers can last for 15 or more years, and they can keep your smile looking great the whole time. They require no special care other than good dental hygiene. Brush and floss as recommended, and visit us regularly for cleanings and checkups. Call us today to find out more about how veneers can give you the smile you want, or to schedule your consultation with our expert in porcelain veneers in Los Angeles.


If you have stained, cracked, or chipped teeth, it may not be possible to repair your appearance with whitening treatments or other cosmetic methods. If the tooth is not reparable by non-surgical means, a dental veneer may be a good option for giving you an attractive smile.

Dental veneers are thin, flexible shells that are created from models taken from individual teeth. They are highly durable, although they can be chipped or cracked from excessive force. They can also be stained just as regular tooth enamel can be stained, so it is important to maintain them after placement and avoid staining agents as directed by your dental professional.

Dental veneers are created by lab technicians from models made of your existing teeth. The shell may be shaped to convert the shape of your existing tooth, making it straighter or better-aligned, or to match it exactly, depending upon your individual needs.

In order to place dental veneers, it is usually necessary to remove a small amount of tooth enamel in order to effect a tight bond. Therefore, the American Dental Association (ADA) advises patients to consider this process irreversible.

Most veneers are crafted of porcelain. Porcelain veneers are highly durable, and are easy to match to existing tooth color. Unlike crowns, most veneers do not require the support of a metal base in order to last, as veneers are attached directly to existing teeth.

The creation and placement of porcelain veneers usually requires more than one office visit. During the first visit, the teeth are buffed and shaped to thin them slightly, so that the veneers do not appear too thick when they are placed over the teeth. Then an impression of the teeth is made. During this visit, temporary veneers are placed until the shells can be constructed. A final visit is necessary to fit the new veneers and cement them into place.

Porcelain veneers offer a permanent solution to unsightly teeth, and are a great way to enhance your smile and appearance. Veneers should always be evaluated and placed by a professional with experience in veneer work and cosmetic dentistry.

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The dentist was very kind + caring. Highly recommend! I only had a few days left on my dental insurance + she helped to prioritize my care + fit me in so that I could get issues taken care of in a pinch. The office manager, couldn't have been sweeter + she helped me to understand the sometimes tricky insurance pieces + actual prices I'd be paying before I made any decisions. A+ experience.


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The dentist just made my front teeth/smile look like I had veneers implanted! She took away all my dark spots and heading without crowns and painful implants. It looks amazing! Thank You 🙂


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I really like this dental office, dentists, and staff. The hygienist was very gentle and well mannered, she gave me tips on flossing and brushing properly, I highly recommend them to friends and family..

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